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Max has Good Availability and can usually book you in on the day that you purchase or within the next 1-3 days of the purchase, if he is really busy on the day of the purchase.
Max work’s from 11AM – 11PM Sydney Australia Time, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Max works on all public holidays.

If you want to REACH MAX INSTANTLY OR QUICKLY, then just call him on his phone:
From Australia call: 0403921752
From Other Countries call: +61403921752
Otherwise just email him at: gmbz17@hotmail.com

If you are in Australia, you can just call Max on 0403921752 and check Max’s availability.
If you are in the USA, Canada, UK or NZ, then you can call Max on +61403921752 and check Max’s availability.
Otherwise, if you are in a different country, just email Max Mancer at gmbz17@hotmail.com and request some available times, for the days you want, and he will email you. You can purchase the session you want first and then get the available times sent, or request them before you purchase.

If you are purchasing from a different country, then please be aware of time zone differences. In your email, Please tell Max, what country and city you are in and supply your phone number, and he will supply you a list of available times IN YOUR TIME ZONE FORMAT, so that you don’t have to think about time zones. Max only works with your time zone format. If you purchase a session when Max is sleeping, or when he is busy, then their might be a significant delay, between when you purchase and when he replies, but he will reply as soon as he can, and then he will organise your session and book you in.

MAX ONLY BOOKS PEOPLE IN AFTER THEY HAVE PURCHASED, so if you want to lock in a time, then please purchase a session first, and then send an email to Max, and then he will send you a list of available times, and then you pick one, and then he will book you in, and send you a Booking Time Confirmation Email.

Please Note:
There are NO GUARANTEED RESULTS, NO DISCOUNTS, NO REFUNDS, NO RESCHEDULING OF SESSIONS, AND NO RECORDING OF SESSIONS. The only way that you can know what Max does, is to actually purchase and do a healing or reading with him. Please view the rest of the website. On this website, there are FAQ’s, Prices, What We Do, Terms and Conditions, Testimonials and more info on each Purchase Page.

Please Note:
In relation to Psychic Readings, Max doesn’t do General Readings. Max works mainly based on your questions. So please have specific questions about what you know about. After the purchase please email through your Full Birth Name and Date of Birth and the Full Birth name and Date of Birth of anyone else that you are asking about. This is for astrology and numerology reasons. Max will also ask you about your current situation.

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To Book A Psychic Reading, Healing Session or Course:
Contact: Max Mancer
Email: gmbz17@hotmail.com
Phone: 0403 921 752
International Phone: Int’l Country Code +61 403 921 752

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