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These are books written by Max Mancer. They contain spiritual information and gnosis that will proactively accelerate and enhance your spiritual growth and evolution. They will also support your healing process, as they contain high vibrating good energy and knowledge. The knowledge in these books is very powerful, unique and is not available any where else in the world. These books are NOT the Healing Course Manuals. These are physical books not e-books. See our books below on this page and click the Contents button to see the the contents page of each book. See the Purchase Healings and Purchase Courses Sections of this website as well.

Please Note: People get more out of these books when they:
1. Have had several healing sessions with Max.
2. Have read all the books – not just one.
3. Have done all the 4 Light Axis Healing Courses.

PLEASE NOTE: The books are e-books in PDF file format. They are not physical books. They will be emailed to you after you have purchased them.


Healing BooksClick to Purchase
Book 1 - Light Axis Healing Book 1 - Express Your Light = $60 AUD

Book 2 - Light Axis Healing Book 2 - Divine Insights = $60 AUD

Book 3 - Light Axis Healing Book 3 - How Healing Happens = $60 AUD

Book 4 - Light Axis Healing Book 4 - Focus On Your Goals = $60 AUD

Book 5 - Light Axis Healing Book 5 – Happiness = $60 AUD

Book 6 - Light Axis Healing Book 6 - Self Support = $60 AUD

Book 7 - Light Axis Healing Book 7 - Use Your Power = $60 AUD

Book 8 - Light Axis Healing Book 8 - Complete Evolution = $60 AUD

Complete Set of 8 Light Axis Healing Books = $480 AUD

*** NEW Book 9 - Light Axis Healing Disease Healing Guide = $100 AUD

*** NEW Book 10 - How To Have What You Want Easily = $30 AUD

Complete Set of 10 Light Axis Healing Books = $600 AUD

Book 1

  • Express Your Light

  • Some more info…
  • Contents

Book 2


  • Some more info…
  • Contents

Book 3

  • How Healing Happens

  • Some more info…
  • Contents

Book 4

  • Focus On Your Goals

  • Some more info…
  • Contents

Book 5

Book 6

Book 7

Book 8

  • Complete Evolution

  • Some more info…
  • Contents

Book 9

  • Disease Healing Guide

  • Some more info…
  • Contents

Book 10

  • How To Have What You Want Easily

  • Some more info…
  • Contents

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