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There are 4 Light Axis Healing Courses. The Light Axis Healing Courses are taught by Max Mancer On Skype. They are taught to students individually. Each course is 2 days long. Each course is done on 2 consecutive days. Each day is 6 Hours Long plus 1 hour rest break at the 3 hour mark on each day. (Each 2 Day Course is 12 hours of Total Course Time). The 4 courses can be done on weekends over a month for individual students OR they can be done consecutively with 1 or 2 days break between each course. So the 4 courses can be completed within 12 – 16 days which is great for people that want to do all of them within a holiday timeframe. You must purchase at least one Healing Session before you purchase a Healing Course. Payment must be received prior to work commencing. No guaranteed results, no refunds, no rescheduling of course dates. See our great testimonials. Thank you. Please note that you can do the courses right now as an individual On Skype. You can also do the courses at a time and date that is suitable for you. After you have done the 4 Courses once, then you can redo any of the courses at any time, at the lower Repeat Price of $1499 AUD for each individual course, instead of the original price.

We Recommend That You Do The 4 Light Axis Healing Courses and Become a Master To Fully Benefit from All the Information and Learning.
If you want to Do the Courses, please do all 4 courses, to get the full effect and the full learning. Only Light Axis Healing Masters who have completed the 4 courses,
actually experience the most powerful healings on themselves and others.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not in Sydney Australia, then the Course manuals are e-books that are in word document format. You will not be sent a physical manual. After you have purchased the courses, the course manuals will be emailed to you. If you are in Sydney Australia, then you can still pick up a physical copy in person.


Course DatesClick to Purchase
Light Axis Healing Course 1 - Level 1 Practitioners Course
(Done On Skype) There is no set date. You can do the course now when you are ready.
= $1999 AUD

Light Axis Healing Course 2 - Level 2 Practitioners Course
(Done On Skype) There is no set date. You can do the course now when you are ready.
= $1999 AUD

Light Axis Healing Course 3 - Level 3 Practitioners Course
(Done On Skype) There is no set date. You can do the course now when you are ready.
= $1999 AUD

Light Axis Healing Course 4 - Level 4 Masters Course
(Done On Skype) There is no set date. You can do the course now when you are ready.
= $1999 AUD

The Benefits of doing the courses are:

1. You will become good enough at healing yourself completely. You won’t need to see others for help ever again. You will become a master of improving yourself, helping yourself and evolving yourself. You will be self reliant and empowered.

2. You will learn properly. Students receive quality focused time and attention from the teacher. No distractions.

3. The courses can be done at a date and time that are suitable for you. They Are Done On Skype from the comfort of your own home.

4. You will feel confident in your ability to heal others. You will be able to have healing clients of your own and earn an income as a healer.

The Light Axis Healing Courses are recommended to all our healing clients. See the course schedule diagram and the course information below.

Daily Schedule For Each Day of any of the courses

9am - 12pm12pm - 1pm1pm - 4pm
Light Axis Healing Course 1 – Practitioner Level 1

Level 1 Course Content

PRACTITIONER LEVEL 1 COURSE- Light Axis Healing – Practitioner Level 1

The first course is designed to allow people to become more intuitive and tune into their own energy and space to be able to witness healings. In the first course you learn about the 7 Light Axis Healing Techniques and you practice using them. There are also 3 sets of DNA activations for all students. As well as this you learn how to actually do physical telekinesis. You will also become a practitioner and be able to start having healing clients of your own.

Day 1

Learning about the 1st three Light Axis Healing techniques and practice exercises
3 sets of DNA activations
Learning about the chakra system and the extended chakra system
Learning about the sacred geometry used in Light Axis Healing
Demonstrations and practice

Day 2

Further DNA Activation
Actually doing TELEKINESIS not just talking about it
Learning about the different parts of your life
Learning how to release ALL YOUR BIGGEST STUFF
A list of things to work on at home
Learning about addiction, self defence and connection to reality
Learning about the next 4 Light Axis Healing Techniques and practice exercises
Learning about how to work with healing clients


Light Axis Healing Course 2 – Practitioner Level 2

Level 2 Course Content

PRACTITIONER LEVEL 2 COURSE – Light Axis Healing – Practitioner Level 2

The second course is focused on clearing specific blocks that once released, will allow the healer to work with their self more effectively to heal. In the second course you practice in depth how to use the Light Axis Healing techniques on your self and others. You also learn about archetypes, ego, the true self and a huge list of emotions and how to release them. You will learn to truly master the Light Axis Healing Techniques and feel more confident in your ability.

Day 1

Healing Practice – Practice using all 7 techniques

  • Joy
  • Archetypes
  • How you see things
  • Abundance
  • Depression
  • Codes
  • Money
  • Past Lives
  • Holding on and letting go
  • Healing Practice – Practice using all 7 techniques
  • I am that I am
  • Ego
  • Allowing
  • Attraction
  • Success

Day 2

Healing Practice – Practice using all 7 techniques

  • Self worth
  • Blockages and resistance
  • Perfection
  • Sadness
  • Love
  • Rebirth
  • Apathy
  • Attachment
  • Resentment
  • Healing Practice – Practice using all 7 techniques
  • Crystals
  • Having and results
  • The Mass Consciousness
  • Safety
  • Power
  • Working with clients


Light Axis Healing Course 3 – Practitioner Level 3

Level 3 Course Content

PRACTITIONER LEVEL 3 COURSE – Light Axis Healing – Practitioner Level 3

The third course takes the level of energy of the student even higher. The students learn how to release negative energy from themselves in a more efficient way. They also clear the blocks to having healings in the physical body and in matter. Also advanced healing work is done to release blocks to abundance and having what you want. Students get to give and receive healings under careful supervision. This course truly accentuates your feelings of success, satisfaction and happiness.


  • Healing Practice
  • Healing your joy and expression of it
  • Healing for your money
  • Healing your ability to manifest
  • Preparing for a Healing
  • Releasing the fear of letting go
  • Healing Practice
  • The End of All Your Stuff
  • Words
  • Magic
  • Releasing Attachment
  • Releasing Negative Energy


  • Healing Practice
  • Parallel Realities
  • Needs and Wants
  • Decisions
  • Holograms
  • Healing Practice
  • Advanced Healing for Having What You Want
  • Advanced Healing for Business
  • Advanced Healing for Money
  • Abundance
  • Working with clients


Light Axis Healing Course 4 – Light Axis Healing Master

Level 4 Course Content

LEVEL 4 MASTERS COURSE – Light Axis Healing Master – Level 4 Masters

The fourth course is the Masters Course. You will become a Light Axis Healing Master and have learnt the full knowledge to create the most powerful healings for yourself and for your clients using all the Light Axis Healing Techniques. It also expands your knowledge of healing and intuition completely and new insights and knowledge are revealed in this course.

  • This is a 2 day course.
  • Students learn to be competent, coherent and confident.
  • Students heal any issues they have pertaining to working with clients, public speaking, marketing and publicity.
  • Students learn about completion, security and having what they want.
  • Students do a lot more healing practice.
  • New and updated techniques are included in this course.
  • By the end of this course you will be able to rely on your ability to heal yourself.
  • Learning how to work with clients.
  • By the end of this course you will have mastered the techniques in Light Axis Healing and be able to earn a further income stream from this. You will become a Master of Light Axis Healing

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