Reiki Healing

Healing Sessions Done by Max Mancer. He has over 15 years experience doing healings for people from all over the world. Healing sessions via Skype and Remote Healing. Great Testimonials. Affordable Prices. Good Availability.

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Light Axis Healing is the most powerful healing you will ever have. Light Axis Healing uses seven advanced healing techniques within one healing. It helps to heal emotional and physical disease and trauma. View our testimonials and prices on the main website and Purchase a healing session via the Main website and then contact us to book a session in. We have good availability and affordable prices. For your convenience healing sessions are done On Skype or Via Remote Healing.

The seven healing techniques that are used are:
1. The Body Scan Healing
2. The Trauma Healing
3. The Oneness and Equality Healing
4. The Regression Healing
5. The Akashic Record Healing
6. The DNA Activation Healing
7. The Delta Healing

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Psychic Readings are also available.

Written By Max Mancer

Spiritual Healing

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