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  1. The Light Axis Healing Picture Logo (Orange Starburst and the Circle around it) which is seen in the pictures of the book covers of the Light Axis Healing Books, is a Registered Trademark.
  2. “Light Axis Healing” is a Registered Trademark.
  3. “Heal Your Mind Body & Spirit. Enjoy Life More.” is a Registered Trademark.

The 3 above Trademarks may not be used in any way, by anyone, without the permission of Max Mancer, who is the OWNER of the Light Axis Healing Business. Anyone who uses any of the above 3 Trademarks without permission from Max Mancer, will be prosecuted.


The Max Mancer Website, Light Axis Healing Books, Light Axis Healing Courses and Light Axis Healing Techniques are Copyright. Light Axis Healing materials are copyright as a whole and their components are copyright. Any copying or transmission of Light Axis Healing materials without permission from Max Mancer, will be prosecuted. Everything on this website copyrighted.


By paying for any services offered through and/or communicating with Max Mancer in any way you are agreeing that you have read this legal disclaimer and these terms of service. You understand and willingly enter into, agree with and accept the following:
1. Max Mancer and accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client chooses to take or make based on his/her healing sessions with Max Mancer and/or
2. Max Mancer and accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any injury, accident, financial loss or death of any client before, during or after receiving any Light Axis Healing Service with Max Mancer and/or
3. Max Mancer and accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any injury, accident, financial loss or death of any client or student of any Light Axis Healing Practitioner or Teacher that is not Max Mancer, before, during or after receiving any Light Axis Healing Service with a Light Axis Healing Practitioner or Teacher that is not Max Mancer.
4. Psychic Reading clients understand that they must be at least 18 years old or over to receive psychic readings from Max Mancer and/or
5. People and/or clients that receive a Psychic Reading from Max Mancer and/or agree that they will not display or show their psychic reading email content to other people for any reason or they may be prosecuted for confidentiality infringement.
6. Light Axis Healing is not a replacement or substitute for medical care or psychological treatment. It is a complementary natural energy therapy. It does not medically diagnose illness or prescribe treatments for illness.
7. There are No Guaranteed Results and No Refunds and for any service offered by Max Mancer and/or on the website.
8. There are no refunds. Once a service has been paid for, that money will not be refunded, even if a client hasn’t received the service yet and they decide to not have service. The money will not be refunded and the client can either receive the service as planned or not receive the service. That money will not be refunded.
9. 100% accuracy of psychic readings or intuition is not guaranteed.
10. All psychic readings offered by Max Mancer and/or are for entertainment purposes only.
11. You agree to absolutely indemnify and hold harmless Max Mancer and, their heirs, relatives, agents or assignees in perpetuity and throughout all known and unknown universes.
12. You agree you will not copy, reproduce, publish, display, share or distribute any material, photo, text or content that is owned or authored by Max Mancer or that is on the website without express written permission from Max Mancer, the Owner and Founder of Light Axis Healing.
13. All users of any service provided by Max Mancer and/or agree that they have had enough time before they purchased a service from Max Mancer or to read this disclaimer and terms and conditions. They also agree that these disclaimers and terms and conditions were available to be read before purchase of any service from Max Mancer and/or
14. The Psychic Readings provided by Max Mancer are an intuitive help and guidance tool only. Don’t rely on a reading. The reading will not create your experiences. Only your thoughts, decisions and actions will create your experiences. You have free will and other people also have free will to change their future and their life. There is an infinity of possible future experiences that you can choose to have that may not be seen in a single reading. Please take responsibility for your life and don’t rely on what is said in a reading to live your life. Max Mancer and Light Axis Healing are not liable for and not responsible for any financial losses or emotional hurt that you may experience before, during or after a reading or healing. Under no circumstances will Max Mancer or Light Axis Healing be liable to any client regarding the use of these Services. Max Mancer offers no guaranteed readings and no refunds.


You will not receive a refund if you cancel an appointment, for any of our services. However you can reschedule the appointment within the next 2 months after the original appointment date or you will have to pay again for a new appointment. No exceptions.

Light Axis Healing can help to heal any form of illness or disease. It is non-invasive and a joyful experience for the client. The best way to understand it better is to have a healing session yourself. Light Axis Healing is not a religion or cult or franchise and is not affiliated with any religion. Any person of any religion or nationality can benefit from this form of healing. It is a natural therapy.

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